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A friend found the information about the first public screening in Germany of "Far North" in Berlin on April 12, 2008, on Michelle Yeoh Web Theatre, and thankfully passed that on.


“It’s a peculiar and disturbing triangle that has to be resolved one way or another,” says Bean. “But my character is not irredeemably bad.”
Sean Bean, in an Interview, 2007


Interview by James Christopher, "A bit of rough and tumble", The Times, 25. Oktober 2007
I Fundort: Internet: timesonline.co.uk - rg/24. April 2008




Far North

am 12. April 2008 im Kino
anläßlich des Britspotting Festivals in Berlin.

Check your knowledge about the film with some questions here!















I had long envied the Londoners who had several chances to see the film at various festivals last year, and raved about it – and its friendly and helpful director Asif Kapadia.

So, some emails and one week later a friend (who prefers to stay unnamed) and I were on our way to Berlin for the Britspotting Festival in the Hack’sche Höfe. Once arrived, we realized that there was no advertising besides some posters in the entry way to the building complex. Nothing on announcement boards on the streets or at least on the near train station, and as we later learned from our Berlin friends we had arranged to see the film together, if it wouldn’t have bean for the announcement on the bean-land website, they wouldn’t even know about the festival (which is in its 9th year), let alone the screening of this long anticipated film.


The movie theatre is on the 5th floor of a wonderfully restored Art Noveau building complex in a hip and touristy neighbourhood, and has a lounge-like lobby, offering free tea-bags and free Irish beer from two of the festival’s sponsors. The festival screens English and Irish quality films that are in demand of German distributors.

We were a bit early, so while waiting for our fellow Bean fans to arrive, I thumbed thru the booklet of the festival, and read that Far North’s director would be in attendance and stay for a Q&A afterwards.

My brain immediately went numb; where are the intelligent questions when you need them??

Sylvia and Julia arrived, and we were all giggly and chatty and excited to see each other and talk in person. It is quite a difference to exchanging emails. And we impatiently waited for the doors to open, as it was past opening time, but we learned that the Q&A for the previous film was still going on. Finally they let us in, about 300 seats, but hardly more than 100 visitors, and a baby.

The moderator explained that they have invented the Centerpiece Screening this year, to give young and aspiring directors a chance to show their work. And with that she announced Asif Kapadia.

Asif: “Hello. We filmed Far North in Norway, and we were mostly living on this ship, all of us together, and it was not always fun. But more on this after the film. So enjoy it.”

And with that the ligths went off ...

The film …. For those who have already sean it, or know Sarah Maitland’s short story “True North” on which it is based on I don’t have to describe its story; and for those, who haven’t, I won’t describe it in depth. I don’t want to be the one that will spoil it for you or extinguish your curiosity.

It opens with a cold blue empty landscape, all snow and sheets of ice in a barely open water, then images of abandoned mines, old power poles, white spheres of unknown purposes take over. So the story could be happening in any time or in no particular one. The film ends with the same cold blue empty landscape, only now the water is frozen over.

I had the vague feeling that there was music during the film but it was so clever imbedded in the story that I didn’t really notice it. The film has hardly any dialogue (so dubbing or sub-titles were not needed), all the power comes from the images. This film is a good example why they are also called ‘Moving Pictures’! The film is no good candidate for the small screen; it really needs a screen as huge as possible!

Even though the pictures are so overwhelming, the director never looses track of the characters or their stories and fate, or judges their doings. They do what they have to do, and just do that to survive.

If you want to see the film because you want to hear Sean Bean’s lovely voice a lot, you’ll be disappointed. The most lines are from Michelle Yeoh, and even hers are few.
If you want to see Sean’s bare body in close-up running out on the ice, you’ll also be disappointed. He is shown from far away, and the short bit in the tent is so cleverly lighted that you hardly see anything.

If you want to see Michelle Yeoh doing some of her famous stunts and action work, you’ll be disappointed. Instead, she proves that she is indeed an actress capable of fine nuances.

If you want to see a film about human behaviour, with great photography and great acting – you are in the right place! Acting is flawless, despite having to act against such powerful backdrops, and the camerawork is award winning worthy! If you have a chance to see the film – take it!

In case, you haven’t figured it out by now: I do like the film! And in this case I’m not biased by being a fan of Sean Bean, maybe only by being a fan of good films.

Lights went on again, but the four of us were still so thrown back in our seats, that we could only follow what others asked, but couldn’t participate.




After the Q&A in the movie theatre, Asif, a quiet friend of him, two guys (one of them an acquaintance of his co-writer Tim Miller), four fans of Sean - us, and another woman sat down in the back of the lobby to discuss the film in more depth.

Now the juicy bits from behind the scenes, erm - I mean, the questions and answers should follow here, but since Asif answered them in such great detail, it became a sort of interview, and Renate being a responsible webmiss, first wanted to get his approval to publish them.

New - 7. May 2008/rg ...And finally it happened :-) The helpful ladies from "Britspotting" brought the "Interview" to the attention of Asif Kapadia, who was nice enough, to check everything, and with his okay, we can go on now, and I give...

...back to Evi :-)

So without any further ado (but keep in mind that if there is a chance to embarrass myself, you can bet that I’ll take it):

Set your mind back to Berlin, April 12, 2008, to a movie theatre in the Hack’sche Höfe, where the first German screening of Asif Kapadia’s film “Far North” as part of the Britspotting Film Festival has just ended.

A final warning: From now on, there are spoilers ahead!

Go to the Talk with Asif Kapadia here!!

by Evi/24. April 2008



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